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Miserable my mind telling you some inspiring things from my experience.

I am no longer for force things, What flows, will flows What crashes, will crashes I have only time and energy for what makes me happy and meant me alot. Life living is hard and confronting some problems are difficult. Sometimes something which hurts us like hell. Some feelings, some emotions, someone attachment. In theContinue reading “Miserable my mind telling you some inspiring things from my experience.”

8th September

Do you know?? What is on 8th ,September ? World Physiotherapy day Many people doesn’t know about physiotherapy because lack of awareness . I wanna share something… About my field . People called us for name like.. ‘Massagewala’ and ‘kasaratvala’ none of this we are healer. We are doing such things for your healing MoreoverContinue reading “8th September”

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